Sunday, April 28, 2019

Anechoic Tile Problem Fixed?

As you recall, the Navy has had a very difficult time getting the anechoic tiles on its submarines to stay attached.  Subs returning from deployment often looked like the surface of the moon with missing tile 'craters' dotting the ship's sides.  The Navy periodically issued statements claiming to have fixed the problem but the missing tiles persisted.  However, the photo below of USS Cheyenne returning from a five month deployment seems to show no missing tiles.  If that's the case, then it appears the Navy has finally solved the tile attachment problem.  If so, that's good news.

USS Cheyenne Returning to Pearl Harbor From Deployment


  1. So what has changed from the Cold War days? Operating Subs should be nothing new to the USN.

    Some new "green" tile that doesn't work as well?

  2. They look more rectangular than the previous ones, all the pics I could find (quick Google search) are squares. Plus the arrangement/layout is different.

    For once, we are getting some good news....hopefully it's not that USN subs are being restricted in speed, depth or moves so they don't lose the tiles....let's be optimistic!!!

  3. A new glue. The Australian collins class submarine fixed th problem 20 years ago. They found that using the glue that sticks the reflectors to the bitumen road surface stopped the tiles coming off.

  4. Here is a recent relevant report:
    I have no idea if this report or its source is trustworthy, maybe you do.


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