Sunday, April 10, 2016

Do You Want To Know What's Happened To Our Navy?

Do you want to know what’s happened to our Navy?  Just look to the titles of the articles in the most recent issue of Proceedings (Apr. 2016).  I’ve put the subject in parentheses for those that are not obvious from the title.

  • Misnavigation or Spoofing? (GPS)
  • #Savetheskirt (wearing skirts at the Naval Academy graduation)
  • Best Practices Evolve From Open Discussion (something about modifying a paperwork form)
  • To Drink, or Not to Drink?
  • @AdmNelson (social media)
  • Twilight of Manned Flight?
  • What Makes the CPO Mess Tick
  • Innocent Until Investigated
  • All Manner of Contingencies (interview with Royal Army commander)
  • Innovation is Initiative
  • Charles de Gaulle Fights ISIS
  • A South China Sea Game Changer? (sovereignty ruling from the Hague)

Proceedings is supposed to be the professional voice of the Navy.  Of course, the magazine can only published what’s submitted and this is what’s being submitted.  Look at the list of articles.  Women’s skirts, artificial innovation (like it’s something that can be mandated), drinking, social media, legal matters, foreign navies and officers – this is what’s passing for professional concerns today.  Meanwhile, China is busy building a navy and air force that is on its way to surpassing us.

Where are the articles about ship design, tactics, strategy, readiness, amphibious assault, weapons, etc.?  I weep for my Navy.


  1. I use to subscribe for years and then, slowly noticed the articles weren't interesting anymore or just a bunch of fancy words/jargon assembled together and realized I wasn't reading most of the magazine so I stopped being a subscriber.

  2. Unrelated news, I'm not really interested in talking about if we are "winning or losing" against ISIS or if US DoD is just creating a shortage to ask for more funds, I think the real question is if this wasn't ISIS but a real country we were fighting, are we ready to use bombs at this rate?!? This is almost like what happened to WWI countries like Britain, France, lesser extant Germany when they rapidly used up their stocks of artillery shells and needed a crash course of rapid industrialization to meet new demands of war.

    What happens to our armed forces after we lob tons of cruise missiles, use up SAMs to defend ships and LGBs in fighting a country that fights back at our level and not like some third world country with no airforce?

    1. "What happens ..."

      We run out of bombs.

      As a stop-gap measure we can shoot our political appointees below the secretary level and also our general/flag officers at the enemy - we have no shortage of them ...


  3. It wouldn't surprise me if they started articles about the 'Lean in' circles and language norming.

    Don't get me wrong. I've known young women who've gone to the academies. I don't want to see any of them given anything but a fair shot, or fair treatment.

    But its just an example of how it seems the Chinese are working on ways to defeat our weapons and tactics, and we are working on ways to be politically correct.


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