Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What's In A Name?

The Navy’s latest social engineering imperative is to gender neutralize all job titles.  Without commenting on the utter stupidity of that, here are some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the Navy and Marines.

Old Title - New Gender Neutral Title

Rifleman – Projectile Propulsion Technician
Engineman – Mechanical Movement Facilitator
Signalman – Message Transference Specialist
Machinery Repairman – Mechanical Reconstructionist
Corpsman – Advil Distribution Technician
Legalman – Obfuscation Specialist
Damage Controlman – Floatation Assurance Technician
Yeoman – Minion
Fire Controlman – Random Location Generator
Infantryman – Personal Supplies Transporter
Aviation Ordnanceman – Airborne Explosives Handler
Naval Aircrewman – Sensor Supernumerary
Aviation Maintenance Administrationman – Arcane Forms Administrator
Mineman – Antiquated Explosives Expert

Feel free to suggest any of your own.


  1. Admiral = bureaucracy development specialist.

  2. MAN a long history of being gender neutral. Originally it was wyfman for women and wereman for men.
    Anyway the gender neutral military name changing was an April 1 thing.

    1. You do know this is real, right?

    2. No I dont think its real.
      Thats because this story misrepresents what has been asked for.

      Seaman is OK but some other 'might' have a change

      "A Navy official said that the service received a similar memo pertaining to its MOS titles and descriptions. Mabus doesn't intend to require iconic titles like "infantryman," "rifleman" or "midshipman" to be changed, however, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

      "The idea is not to go in there and change the name when 'man' is incorporated as part of the term," the official said. "... But when the word 'man' appears as a separate word ... they want that name to be changed."

      Examples of some of those titles in the Marine Corps include reconnaissance man, fire support man and field artillery sensor support man. In those cases, the official said it's possible the "man" could just be dropped from the names..

      Most of the problem titles are more recent made up words, why shouldnt they be changed.
      Ranks have changed over time too, usually for small reasons,.

    3. You just demonstrated that the Navy IS changing job titles. How many remains to be seen. However, once these things start, it's only a matter of time until the letters, m-a-n, don't appear anywhere. Look at our civilian world. Iconic titles like policeman, postman, fireman, spokesman, chairman, etc. have all given way to spokesperson, chairperson, postal worker, police officer, etc.

      You also get that this was a humor piece, right?

    4. Where was the derision when the rank of Rear Admiral lower half was created.

    5. Um, I was still learning how to read and write so I guess I missed the news about the creation of the rank when it happened in the early 1980's. I was distracted by the effort of learning my ABC's.

    6. Well the US navy didnt even have an Admiral rank of any kind until 1862 as it sounded 'too british'
      So it hasnt been too rational anyway, but now traditions seem to have become too sacrosanct.

    7. Traditions are one of the bedrocks of societies and organizations. Traditions are a form of institutional knowledge and wisdom that are passed on from generation to generation in an informal yet codified form. As such, they are very important. Far from becoming too sacrosanct, traditions have lost their place of importance and people (perhaps yourself?) have forgotten why they exist.

      Traditions serve a purpose and exist for a reason. Too many people want to tear down all traditions without understanding why they exist in the first place. I hope you'll think about this as you consider the place traditions hold in the Navy and society.

  3. The next step is removing the signs from the restroom doors.

  4. New Carrier is now the Gerald & Betty Ford Class.

    Each now having to also bear the name of the appropriate First lady in addition to the Presedents full name, meaning the ships are having to be modified to be an additional 30ft long just for the name board.

    In the case of Presidential indiscressions whilst in office the additional names will be in brackets following the President name, but in a smaller font.

    This is why we wont be seeing the USS Clinton any time soon. As that would get to be QUITE A MOUTHFUL !

  5. Oh wow I just looked this one up as it’s a ship close to my heart.

    The USS Churchill will now have to become ( due to fairness ).

    USS Winston Leonard & Baroness Clementine Ogilvy Spencer Churchill

    Good night people, I’m going home !


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