Thursday, July 30, 2015

DDG 105 Overhaul Cost

BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair, San Diego, California, has received an $11M contract for the 2015 selected restricted availability (SRA) for USS Dewey (DDG 105).  As stated in the official announcement, the SRA contract includes the planning and execution of depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications that will update and improve the ship's military and technical capabilities.  The SRA will take place in San Diego and is expected to be completed by January 2016. 

In addition, BAE has received a $13.7M contract for the drydocking SRA of USS O'Kane (DDG 77).  A drydock SRA also includes maintenance of the hull not normally accessible.

ComNavOps has always wondered what the periodic maintenance and overhauls cost.  These give us a couple of datapoints.


  1. Dewey was commissioned in March 2010 so this looks like part of its 5 year overhaul.

  2. DDG 51 Flight III Update presentation to the ASNE 5th March 2015.

    One item applicable to your note is the addition 90 Ltons steel to the inner bottom structure to increase plate thickness for Flight III ships. This reduces the VCG by .1 ft, increases hull strength and reduces effects of corrosion

    The implication is that Flight I, II & IIA hulls were under strength and subject to corrosion which will lead to early decommissioning or expensive repairs as you mention.



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