Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chain Gun Research

Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC, Plymouth, Minnesota, has received a contract for $12M to lease a test vehicle to the Navy for chain gun prototype development.  The work will include prototype fabrication, pre-production, integration, testing, evaluation and development of chain gun weapon systems hardware, associated gun control system software and ammunition.  The work will be performed in Mesa, Arizona, and is expected to be completed by July 2020. 

That’s interesting.  I wonder what the Navy is doing with chain guns?


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  2. Many RN ships have this as standard now, Its rolling out over the capital ships now. Its an anti small-boat swarm weapon mostly, but has secondary roles too obviously.


  3. They keep enhancing the sensors and software and various modes for dual feed ammo, I would imagin its to do with that. These things are starting to get a bit "Phalanxy"


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