Friday, February 5, 2021

Biden Strikes Again

I try very hard to avoid political commentary on this blog but, occasionally, it can’t be avoided.  Such is the case today.  I certainly hope that this does not become a regular occurrence as that would indicate the political imposition of massive negative impacts on the military.  Note that I also don’t care whether the political impacts are caused by Democrats or Republicans.  I care only about political stupidity.  With that said …


President Biden’s incompetent direction of the military continues with the announcement of a 60 day stand down to weed out extremism.


President Biden's newly appointed Pentagon chief Wednesday issued a "stand down" for the next 60 days, ordering military leaders to spend time talking to troops in an effort to weed out extremism in their ranks … (1)


There are several stunning aspects to this announcement:


  • Safety and diversity stand downs typically last a day or two.  Aircraft safety, a matter of life and death, only warrants a day or two but extremism warrants 60 days??!!!!!!!!
  • Who determines what constitutes extremism?  I’m pretty sure that the Democrats will define it and it will encompass multiple conservative groups and views and no liberal ones.
  • This sounds ominously like a Democrat attempt to purge conservatives from the military.  While active duty limits some of the actions a service member can take in promoting their views, it does not limit one’s beliefs and such purging would be unconstitutional.
  • There are a lot of issues that could vie for top priority in the military but this is not even on the top 100 list.
  • Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is looking like a political lap dog by going along with these idiotic policies.  He’s embarrassing himself, his office, and degrading his reputation.



The military has huge problems with readiness, aircraft mission capable rates, submarine shortfalls, a floundering Marine Corps, ill-conceived acquisition plans, etc. and this kind of thing just demonstrates an utter failure of civilian leadership and direction and a betrayal of the trust of the military and the American people.



Believe it or not, this is not a political post, per se.  I don’t care which party does something this stupid and, possibly, unconstitutional and when they do, I’ll address it.


This is just an awareness post.  We’re not going to do comments on this, for obvious reasons.






(1)Fox News website, “Pentagon orders 'stand down' across military to investigate extremism in the ranks”, Danielle Wallace, 4-Feb-2021,

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