Friday, September 22, 2017

Another Layer of Oversight for 7th Fleet - This One Will Work, Right?

Here’s another entry in the Category of Oblivious Navy Leadership.

“The Navy’s Pacific Fleet is standing up a new command that will consolidate training and certification oversight for ships based in Japan, according to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson.  …

Dubbed the Naval Surface Group Western Pacific, the new command will help ensure 7th Fleet ships are properly certified.”

The entire command structure, including CNO Richardson, utterly failed to properly oversee the 7th Fleet training, personnel needs, and certifications so the solution is to create yet another layer of oversight?  Cause, yeah, this one will work even though none of the existing ones did.

Hey, Navy, why not try making the existing command structure do what it’s supposed to do? 

Yes, that means fire the entire 7th fleet chain of command, including CNO Richardson, and all their staffs and start over.  Clean house.  Are you proud of the job you’re doing, Richardson?  If you had any honor you’d resign.


(1)Navy Times website, “New Navy command will oversee Japan-based ships’ training and certification”, Geoff Ziezulewicz , 20-Sep-2017,


  1. I see that the 7th Fleet already had a command for its destroyers and cruisers as part of Task Force 70:
    Surface Combatant Force 7th Fleet
    Creating another shore based command sound like they are just hoping it will go away. Unless they have the authority to pull in properly trained people from within the entire USN what possible fixes could they come up with ?

  2. Typical, instead of fixing the problem just put more people in the top of the thing. I wonder how many more crewmen we could get for all those land admirals and top officer slots?

  3. Much larger and systemic problem captured in this piece that connects the dots...IMO, the situation is almost unrecoverable:


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