Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Misandry Rears Its Ugly Head In The Military

Well, you knew this would happen.  The scared sheep of Navy/Marine leadership have opted to make the male portion of the nude photo sharing incident a criminal act under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and have done nothing about the female portion, the actual posing for nude photos (1).  This kind of man-hating misandry (meaning, strongly predjudiced against men;  the counterpart word to mysogeny) has been demonstrated by shallow minded, timid, PC-cowed Navy/Marine leaders before but this incident has raised the phenomenon to new levels.  The actual posing and generation of nude photos/pornography, no matter how reprehensible, is allowed because it is done by women but the sharing of the photos has been criminalized because it is done by men.

In the linked article, CNO Richardson wonders why men continue to disrespect women.  He is oblivious to the fact that, as we recently posted, you disrespect those for whom you have no respect and you have no respect for those who are not held accountable to the same standards.  Shame on you, women!  Where are the female voices rising in protest over the questionable judgment of their sisters?  Where are the female voices demanding equal treatment in the form of criminalizing the posing for nude photos?  The women appear to want respect without the effort of earning the respect.  That’s the definition of hypocrisy. 

Once again, men have been prejudicially singled out for one-sided punishment and ill-treatment.  We must eliminate this kind of misandry from the military.

Women, I have no respect for you.  Get out of my military until you’re willing to earn your way in and accept accountability for your own behavior.  Take your vile misandristic prejudices and go back to your unenlightened caves.


(1)Navy Times, “Sailors, Marines Have New Regulations on Sharing ‘Intimate’ Images Without Consent; Violators Could Face 2 Years in Prison”, Sam LaGrone, 19-Apr-2017,


  1. explains it all. We live in a feminine-primary society. All means by which women implement their sexual strategy must be excused, while male sexual strategies thwarted.

    I'm glad I avoided 95% of this by serving on all-male ships during my active duty afloat.

  2. "Get out of my military until you’re willing to earn your way in and accept accountability for your own behavior."

    I think you should have just ended the sentence with a period after the word military ... Pigs will never fly and women in the military will never earn their way and accept accountability for their own behavior ...

  3. Bad digital behavior in a coarse world..
    How did the US Navy get implicated in a USMC scandal of bad behavior? Why is the CNO taking this on as a Navy scandal also?
    Back in 1991 during the Tail hook witch hunt I do not remember the Commandant of the USMC sharing the blame with poor CNO Kelso even though Marine aviators were at the function.
    Just saying..

  4. You wonder in the last days of Rome, was a Legionaire complaining about SHARP, reflective belts, and these new social policies being forced on the Legions.

    Are there no wars being fought, men dying, and threats to the population that need attention?

    *hears a fiddle playing and smells smoke over the palace*

  5. you speak truth. You become target. You get shacked.
    You shut up. You get promoted. You can't look at yourself shaving in the morning but what the heck.


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