Friday, December 2, 2016

Contract Insanity

The contract insanity continues.

“Landscape Management Systems Inc.,* Tumon, Guam, is being awarded a $9,632,953 modification to a previously awarded indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract (N40192-15-D-9008) for the exercise of option two for base operations support services at Naval Base Guam and Naval Support Activity Andersen, Commander Joint Region Marianas.  The work to be performed provides for all labor, supervision, management, tools, material, equipment, facilities, transportation and incidental engineering and other items necessary to accomplish all work to perform ground maintenance and tree trimming services.  After award of this option, the total cumulative contract value will be $46,414,693.  Work will be performed at various installations in Guam, including but not limited to, Naval Base Guam (75 percent); and Naval Support Activity Andersen (25 percent).  Work for this option period is expected to be completed November 2017.”  [emphasis added]

That’s $46M for a year’s worth of lawn mowing and tree trimming!!!!!  That’s $126,000 per day to mow lawns!!!!!  What do they have – Tibetan monks trimming individual blades of grass with micrometers and scalpels?


  1. Yer but assuming they are mowing THE ENTIRE ISLAND that's only $232 per square kilometre, $600 per square mile per day.

    I am totally in the wrong job.

    Right now I volunteer to take care of a square mile of Guam for $600 a day 365 days a year. Anyone else with me ?

    1. The contract specified that the contract was for landscaping maintenance service for the two military bases, not the entire island!

      Also, bear in mind that grass only needs to be mowed once per week. It's not like they're mowing the entire base every day. For six out of seven days they're ... um, I'm not sure what they're doing. Picking up loose trash? Weeding a flower bed? Rearranging rocks?

      Military contracting is out of control.

  2. How many golf courses does the Navy have on Guam?

  3. And we thought the LCS and F-35 were expensive.

  4. You didn't quote the entire contract announcement, or doing any other research on the contract. The full contract listing can be found in the link below (1), and states

    No funds will be obligated at time of award. As individual task orders are issued, fiscal 2017 operations and maintenance (Navy and Family Housing); and fiscal 2017 working capital funds (Navy) in the amount of $6,643,351 for recurring work will be used. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marianas, Guam, is the contracting activity.

    The $46M number shown is the total value of the contract if all options and task orders are exercised.

    Doing a quick google search for the contract, it appears that the funding on that contract was about $14.2M (appears to be a bit dated, and does not include the 29 November contract action) (2). Without spending a large amount of time to dig through the page and track the dozens of task orders that were executed, it looks like there was one major order in FY15 and another in FY16, each for about $6M, and then numerous smaller tasks for various small items, such as tree removal and the like. So this contract is really for landscaping services of about $7M per year. I have no idea of that is considered excessive, but I will note that reference (2) states that this was a competitive award with five offers.


  5. This kind of fraud goes on all the time; while good ships rust at the pier.


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