Friday, March 21, 2014

Frigate Committee Meeting Transcript

ComNavOps has obtained a recording of the Navy’s new frigate evaluation committee’s first meeting.  Here’s the transcript.

Civilian Chairman Burrow :  OK, settle down.  You all know why we’re here …

Chorus of Voices :  New LCS!

Burrow :  Exactly!

Lone Voice From The Back of the Room :  I thought we were going to look at combat capable frigate designs?

Chorus :  - near hysterical laughter -

Burrow :  “Combat capable”?!?  Oh, geez, you Navy guys crack me up.  That’s a good one!

Burrow :  You do have a point, though.  We’re supposed to look at alternatives so …

Chorus :  New LCS!

Burrow :  That’s what I’m talking about!  We’re making great progress.  You know, though, we can’t just recommend the same LCS so we …

Chorus :  Big New LCS!

Burrow :  I love you guys!

Burrow :  All right, we’ve got this thing pretty well locked down so let’s call it a day and head down to the Lockheed hospitality suite for happy hour massages.

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  1. I've been reading your blog for about six months now. You just keep getting better and funnier! I am an inventor with a new ship which is a submersible destroyer.
    It fits nicely into the need for an independent warship. After all, the ship that is not there has no radar signal. A sub that surfaces and blasts away with dual five inch guns and Hellfire missiles is not your average underwater weapon.
    Who do you think I should send the white paper and drawings to, Burrows perhaps?! Thanks for all you fine and ENTERTAINING work.
    LTC Ken Cook (RET)


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