Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequestration Update

For those of you keeping score at home, Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW-2) will be the first to stand down, begining now, with three others following shortly thereafter.  Also announced, two additional air wings will be reduced to "sustainment" levels, whatever that means.  That makes six air wings, and hence six carriers, taken off active status over the immediate future. 

I don't claim to understand the nuances of the sequestration law.  My understanding is that there is relatively little room for flexibility in the apportionment of cuts.  Still, this smacks of political brinkmanship with the Navy essentially daring Congress to continue.  As I've said, this is unworthy of the Navy and simply reinforces my opinion of Navy leadership.

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  1. Trust me, you understand this sequestration business better than I do! My take on it is this: Your politicians passed a law stating that if they didn't agree a budget by a set date then a flat budget cut would result. They didn't agree a budget by the date, ergo cuts. So why didn't they just pass another law cancelling the previous law?

    At least the LCS has got a catchy new nickname (apologies for the adverts):

    BTW, on you're ASW post, laughed out loud at your comment "Again, the Spruances have all been converted to submarines." Sad but funny.


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