Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Admirals??

As ComNavOps was musing over the myriad problems besetting the Navy, he couldn't help but think that all of these problems could be solved if only we had more Admirals.  Then, as if by a miracle, ComNavOps read that the President has just nominated 32 Captains for their first star.  Be praised!!!  The Navy's problems are surely at an end now.

Seriously, while I have nothing against a career path and upward mobility, don't we have more than enough Admirals already - something like 350 or so for a fleet of 280 ships?  Do we really need thirty more?  During a time of severe budget constraints?  Or did I miss the announcement about 32 Admirals retiring?



  1. hmmmm.. Let's see, with an average attached personal staff that averages at least 10 sailors, that's 320 new billets that just opened up...alrighty!! And to think that just a mere few months ago we were over-manned...

  2. http://gunpowderandlead.org/
    "In 2010, Secretary Gates tasked the Defense Business Board with repeating the exercise. Again, a task force recommended reducing overhead by streamlining processes and eliminating positions. Some, like dissolving Joint Forces Command, were implemented (though most of these positions simply transferred to the Joint Staff). Gates also identified 102 general officer / flag officer (GOFO) billets to be eliminated, 65 of which were supposed to be eliminated no later than this month. To date, only 31 have been eliminated, mostly 1-stars."

    At the same time, a review of published Mass Communications Specialist photos identifies the Chief Bos'n of a ship as Ensign X (a truly frightening thought) and a gaggle of officers around a flag bag bending on a signal hoist, with no SM/QM in sight.

    Mission creep is intermittent. Rank creep is chronic.

  3. Pentagon overhead is a serious problem. Many general officer / flag officer billets are joint. Every joint organization requires officers to be supplied from each service. Equal representation overwrites common sense. What you end up with is this ridiculous bureaucratic apparatus we called DoD today. It's not just a military issue. If we lock at civilian side, do we really need 15 assistant secretaries of defense??


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