Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Iranian Harassment Post Update

Sharp eyed reader "Tim" pointed out that the photo I used in the post on the latest Iranian harassment of the Navy ship Invincible was a file photo, not an actual photo of the incident, despite being labelled as such in the source that I obtained it from.  Accordingly, since the photo was a significant aspect of the post, I've removed the post.  While the sentiments expressed remain completely relevant, the post is not valid as presented.  My apologies to the readers and thanks to "Tim" for the catch.


  1. Yeah we need to know what actually happened though with the USS Invincible.

    Oh, and of course this again:

    Apparently they don't want the GAO to publish the real costs.

  2. Agree, we need more info, I heard the Iranians were 600 yards away, why or how would you move out of their way?!? Sounds weird....

    1. USNI reported that one Iranian boat stopped dead in front of our ship.


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