Thursday, May 5, 2016

2015 Commissionings and Decommissionings

According to the USNI Proceedings 2015 Naval Review, here’s a list of the ships that were decommissioned last year.

FFG-41   McClusky
FFG-55   Elrod
FFG-60   Rodney M Davis
FFG-48   Vandegrift
LHA-5   Peleliu
FFG-50   Taylog
FFG-58   Samuel B Roberts
FFG-51   Gary
FFG-59   Kaufman
FFG-56   Simpson
SSN-706   Albuquerque

Here’s a list of the ships that were commissioned (In Commission –Full)

SSN-785   John Warner
LCS-5   Milwaukee
LCS-6   Jackson


  1. How many Admirals were added?

  2. The fleet is shrinking at an alarming pace it would seem, despite maintaining a huge budget for construction.

    An even scarier consideration - of the ships remaining, what is their readiness status compared to the previous generations?

    1. Scarier still is a comparison of the combat capability of the ships that are retiring versus the capability of the ships entering the fleet. The Perry FFGs were versatile, combat capable ships (before the Navy neutered them) and are being replaced by the LCS which has almost no combat capability.

      It's not just numbers that are shrinking but also combat capability.

  3. Those NSM's can't come a moment too soon for the LCS.

  4. Great pity. Perry's were a proper frigate. You could do alot worse than a modern version of the initial Perry concept.

    Ive lost track of the frigate LCS ? Is this still in design ? Because its looking to me like the same ship and a media rebrand ?


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