Saturday, January 9, 2016

Navy Goals for 2016

Let’s look at the just released memo, “Department of the Navy Goals and Objectives for FY16”.  The memo is authored by CMC Neller, CNO Richardson, and SecNav Mabus.  It lists 4 main categories and several specifics under each.  Here are the categories and a brief summary of the specifics.

People – contains 10 specifics with the usual mix of sexual assault, gender neutral standards, etc.

Platforms – contains 10 specifics, one of which states “buy more ships” and the remainder deal with cyber, information, unmanned systems

Power – contains 5 specifics, dealing with green or alternative energy

Partnerships – contains 5 specifics, dealing with innovation, transformation, diversity, cost effectiveness, and strategic sourcing (huh?).  Lot’s of buzzwords, no substance.

Want to know what’s wrong with the Navy?  Read this memo.  There’s virtually nothing in it about combat other than “buy more ships” which is nice but not even necessarily wise.  A much better specific would have been “buy more useful ships”.

The rest of the Navy’s goals are largely non-combat political issues.

One of the four most important categories for the Navy is green/alternative energy???  Seriously?

Is this really what our top leadership considers to be our most important goals?  Apparently so.

Think about this.  If the Navy were to somehow, magically, achieve all of its stated goals how much more combat capable and ready would the Navy be?  The answer is slightly larger (buy more ships) and that’s it.  None of the other specifics actually contribute to the Navy’s core mission. 

CMC Neller, way to contribute and promote the Corps.  There’s not a single item in this memo pertaining to the Marines.  Pathetic. 

CNO Richardson, I'm watching to see whether you will be an improvement over your predecessor.  This was a giant swing and a miss.  You need to up your game.  Show me you have what it takes to lead my Navy.

Sad.  Very sad.  Very disappointing.

Update:  I was unable to generate a link to the memo in the original post but I think this one may work.  Give it a try:  Goals and Objectives


  1. I tried to find the link to the Navy goals you describe. The best link i can find refers to the items you discuss under "Business Priorities" where you find such things as safety, diversity,innovation and transformation etc.
    I think these are goals for "department" of the navy (DoN), essentially the bureaucratic machine.
    Like you I would hope there is a more hard edged list of goals for the "USN", the military force

    1. The memo is displayed in USNI News website but I was unable to generate a link for the post. Try this link and see if it will work for you. If not, Google "DON Goals and Objectives for 2016" and look for a USNI News website.


    2. "Is this really what our top leadership considers to be our most important goals? "

      Obama and the democrats? Of course. It's what the dems have been doing for longer than any of us have been alive.
      Donald Trump 2016

    3. Blarg, you are correct, of course. These are political goals not military goals.


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