Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spruance Contract???

Well, here’s an absolutely fascinating bit of Navy contract news.

“Huntington Ingalls Inc., Pascagoula, Mississippi, is being awarded a $12,511,359 cost-plus-award-fee contract modification to previously awarded contract N00024-12-C-4323 to provide long lead-time material procurement and planning yard services for CG-47-class cruisers and DD 963-class destroyers.“

The DD-963 class is the Spruance class and, as far as I know, they’ve all been converted to uni-directional diving submarines. 

I don’t know if this is some kind of outdated cut and paste error or what.  I know there’s waste and fraud in the Department of Defense but working on non-existent ships seems a bit over the top!

Do any of you have any idea what this is referring to?


  1. USS Paul F Foster is still in operation as a Ship Self Defense Ship. She is a Spruance, albeit non-deployable.

    1. That should be ex-Paul F Foster. Technically she is no longer a USS.

    2. Ah, good catch! I'd forgotten about the test ship. Thanks!

  2. Two interesting things:

    A) The Tico's need yard work that requires long lead time materiels
    B) The Spru-Cans are referred to in the plural.

    B makes me think this is a typo of some sort.

    Too bad. With the current submarine environment out there a modernized Spruance would be a useful ship to have around.

  3. Bait ships?

    No, probably too innovative for our Admirals.

  4. I believe Ingalls is the planning yard for the CG-47, as it was for the DD-963, so this is probably just a standard renewal of that standing contract for the ongoing services associated with being the planning yard ("long lead time procurement" and "planning yard services").


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