Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We're Not Going ... Uh, I Mean Of Course We're Going

You'll recall the recent post noting that no LCS would be attending the 2014 RIMPAC exercise despite it being everything that the LCS is supposedly ideally suited for -  you know, like partnership exercises, show the flag, Pacific Pivot, multi-national training, non-intimidating interactions with small-navy allies, etc.  Well, it's now being reported that the Navy has reversed their decision and will send the USS Independence, LCS-2.


Did some tactical or operational requirement suddenly pop up that now makes it imperative for an LCS to be there?  Or, are Navy operational assignments now being dictated by media reaction?  Seriously, this is just the Navy responding to a mini-blizzard of media mocking of the LCS' original non-participation. 

I don't know which is more disappointing:  that the Navy couldn't see the value in sending an LCS to the very type of exercise that the LCS is supposedly ideally suited for or that the Navy is allowing public reaction to determine operational assignments.  Hmm ...  I'll call that one a tie.  They're both pretty disappointing.


  1. What evidence is there that it was the media reaction to an LCS not making an appearance which led the Navy to send an LCS? Might other factors not be behind their decision to send the LCS?

  2. Might be. Can you think of any other reasonable explanation?

    The LCS's were too busy to spare. The story came out. Now an LCS is available. Draw your own conclusion.

  3. LCS in open Littoral?


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