Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poland Upgrades Perry

Oh, the poor nation of Poland.  Those fools are about to invest $34M into upgrades on the Perry class frigate, the ex-USS Clark.  Don’t they know that the Perrys are completely obsolete and quite likely to spontaneously sink at any moment?  Don’t they know that they’re totally incapable of being upgraded?  We know that because the Navy told us that as part of the justification for the LCS.  I bet Poland wishes they had an LCS instead of an FFG with nothing more than up to 40 Standard missiles for AAW defense backed by Phalanx, Harpoon anti-surface missiles, 76 mm gun, anti-submarine torpedoes, Kaman Super SeaSprite ASW helos, and a hangar for two helos, among other capabilities.  Pity poor Poland, unable to afford a mighty war machine like the LCS.  

As reported by Defense News website, Poland has contracted with the US for a $34M upgrade to extend the operational capability of the Perry FFG until 2025.  The vessel’s combat, radio, reconnaissance, sensor, computer, and propulsion systems will be updated.


  1. They could be extending the life of the Perry's before they look at getting in on the F-125 frigate or the FREMM Frigate.

  2. Are they going to swap out the Mk. 13 launcher and replace it with VLS? Otherwise I think they are stuck with Standard Block I, which I thought had issues with Modern Missiles? (Of course, it also allows Harpoon, which I think is worth it on its own).

    I like the Perry's. I really think we would have been better served use wise and budget wise with a SLEP on them. Of course, that still leaves a huge MCM gap; but that doesn't seem to be addressed by the LCS' either.

    1. The Australians have upgraded their Perrys and now operate SM-2s from the Mk13.

  3. Yup. I hadn't heard this:


    While the Adelaides are pricey with the VLS, I think we could have gotten away with an overhaul of the FFG's physical structure and the modifications to the MK 13 without VLS. Then, maybe, try to find a newer tail (don't the British have a better one they use for their type 23?) that is in existence and newer software to analyze the data... and wow... you have a 'Littoral Combat ship' that can have decent anti air with SM2, decent anti ship with Harpoon and its gun, and good ASW with its helo and its towed array.

    And maybe (I don't know, but I'm guessing) refurbish them cheaper than it would take to new build an LCS.


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