Thursday, May 9, 2013

War With China

Regular readers of this blog know that ComNavOps is often focused on possible conflict with China.  It's the benchmark by which I evaluate our strategies, tactics, equipment, and leadership.  Frankly, war with any other country is a much less demanding affair and we have more than enough resources to deal with it.  War with China sets the standard against which we should be preparing.

Is war with China inevitable?  No, but I see armed conflict as highly likely.  That is by no means a universally held opinion, however.  There is a large body of thought that sees war as unlikely with the most commonly cited reason being that trading partners the likes of China and the US would never risk their relationship.

I'm now going to go a step further.  Not only do I see war with China as highly likely, we are already at war.  That's right, we are at war with China.  OK, to be more precise, China is at war with us and we're oblivious.

Has ComNavOps forgotten to take his medication?  Maybe, but I'm now going to explain and prove my contention.  In honor of ComNavOps' blogging anniversary, I'm going to present a two part post on the subject.  Part 1 will be posted immediately and Part 2 will follow the next day.  My suggestion is that you hold off on comments until you've read the entire essay.

A final caveat - This is not a political blog.  I'm only going to get into the geo-political issues to the bare minimum extent necessary and then only because this topic is so central to the Navy.

Enjoy what's coming!

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