Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ComNavOps Arriving!

ComNavOps - Commander of Naval Opinions

After having read and heard a great deal of opinions on naval matters, both professional and casual, I've come to the conclusion that naval discourse and thought could benefit greatly from clear, concise, logical, and factual writings and this is what I aim to provide.  Sorry to say, the level of naval thought evidenced in current writings is woefully misinformed, incoherent, and lacking in plain old common sense.  No matter - I will correct that by providing useful information and intelligent opinions on all matters naval and for all levels of interest.

Stow your gear and welcome aboard!


  1. I'm pleased to find this blog. Looking for meaningful discussions about a range of topics involving the sea services.


    1. Welcome aboard! There's lots to read about. I look forward to your comments.